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24/7 journal [16 Sep 2008|11:35am]
i dont know if anyone reads this anymore since ive migrated to diaperspac, but i'd rather write this account here, so feel free to read comment or whatever. just documenting it cause i feel like it.
the evening of the 12th I entered a challenge with a net friend to see who could last the longest wearing diapers 24/7. (only for going pee pee in)

So going on four days, here we go:

I am still loving it a lot more than i thought. I havent been diapered this long straight, probably ever. Ive definitely come close but had given myself little breaks in the past. The worst part about it I would have to say is that i am living in an area now that is much hotter than my usual mild climate. but its cooling down for fall now which is very nice. but yeah, sweaty diapers = no fun.
Having to wear diapers (at least thus far) has been a lot of fun psycologically. i have been in a little mind set more, been in a kinky mindset more. Rather than getting tired of them as I have done in the past, I am enjoying my diapers the more I wear them.

After I worked on it several years ago I had the ability to let go really easily and wet my diaper. Ive noticed that over the past 6 months or something that Ive lost that reflex that I had for years. (and at some points even having a weak bladder when i wasnt wearing diapers) So ive had to do a bit of un-training to make it comfortable to wear diapers 24/7 and avoid having leaks due to major floods.
Last night I even listened to a hypnosis track, which i think is kind of silly from some angle, but i think theyre really fun too, i think if i listened enough they would help but over all they just help me relax and get sleep as well.
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Hi, I'm a dope heel. [11 May 2007|02:56am]
[ mood | introspective ]

i think im learning much more about being in a relaitonship while im out out of one than i did while i was in one.

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[23 Apr 2007|05:05pm]
oh. my. god. so the other day i took advantage of my mom being not home for knee replacement surgery this week, and ordered some diapers online. today my first package of bambinos came and WOW. im sure most everyone who's tried them are in awe, and this is redundant, but seriously, i think this is the diaper that most of us have been waiting for. it feels so fantastic. i'll give a full update and some pictures later. i also have some abena x-pluses coming, first time ive had those as well. new update soon <3
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[19 Apr 2007|08:19pm]
well. i haven't worn in forever. been thinking about it lately. i almost bought some goodnites a while ago. but i have yet to do so. really wanting to go to the store right now even. a few nights ago i wet the bed while i was dreaming. this happened once before late last year. i think its from extreme stress. this time i only woke up after i had finished wetting and i had peed everywhere. such a mess and no fun when its not planned. however its kind of hot thinking back on it. its weird now and im kind of worried about it happening again. ive never had bed wetting problems. anyway. just thought id give an update. <3 hope you all are well.
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[19 May 2006|06:09pm]
sorry about those of you whom i havent interviewed. i will soon! promise!
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[28 Apr 2006|07:44am]
The Ultimate Diaper Survey
Diaper Basics
Cloth or Disposables?Disposables
Favorite brand?havent found one yet
Others Youve tried:depends, goodnites, rite-aid premium plus, Kroger overnite
Least favorite?depends or rite-aids i guess
Do you wet, mess, or just wear?wet
Do you wear on a regular basis?somewhat
Age you first realised you wanted to be in diapers againbefore five
Age you really got toI got to wear a couple baby diapers when i was younger, I got some goodnites when i was in middle school
First adult diaper you triedgoodnites, then rite aids
At what age were you potty trained?two-ish?
Did you wet the bed after that?nope
How about daytime accidents?only a couple and that was before i started school
Were diapers ever used as punishment for you?no, but i wanted them to be
Did you ever wet yourself on purpose to get diapers?no
Did you ever make home made ones?yeah
How about just wetting yourself for the feeling?yup
Have you ever played with anyone else?no
If so, when was the first time?n/a
Other People
How many people know you wear diapers?three total
Who?boyfriend, mom, friend from highschool
Positive reactions?boyfriend and friend were pretty cool with it
Negative reactions?mom but only for a few hours
Ever had anyone who wasnt into it indulge you with play?nope
Other Kinks
Are you into...
Age play?sort of
Watersports?just wetting and desperation
Bondage?sort of
Transvestitism?a little attracted to male crossdressing
Exhibitionism?only with my diapers
BD/SM?a little
If you HAD to choose...
Wet or mess?wet
Diapers or other baby items?diapers
bottle or paci?paci
cloth or disposable?disposable
mommy/daddy or equal level diaper friend?equal
wear diapers 24/7 forever or never again?never again
What/How many diapers do you have right now?about 15 krogers
Bottles? one
Baby Clothes?nones
Toys and blankets?a blanket
Baby furnature?none

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[26 Apr 2006|09:38pm]
How Often Do You Wear Diaperssporadically, but generally at least once a month, for several days at a time
What Brands Do You Wear?depends, goodnites, and store brands
Do You Wet/Mess/Both?usually just wet
Disposable Or Cloth?disposable
Does Anyone Change You?:( no
Does Anyone Know You Wear Diapers?my boyfriend, a friend from high school after she moved away i told her
Are You An AB Or A DL?always DL sometimes baby
Do You Own A Pacifier?yep
Do You Own A Blankie?yep
Do You Own A Sleeper/Onesie?not yet
AB/DL Websites
How Many AB/DL Websites Have You Visited?a lot
How Many AB/DL Websites Do You Belong To?only a few
AB/DL Internet Friends
How Many AB/DL Friends Have You Talked To?around ten
How Many AB/DL Friends Do You Have On Messanger?4 or 5

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diapered again [26 Apr 2006|12:02am]
so im double diapered in some new store brands. Theyre the kroger ones from ralphs. not bad:

+The tapes are really nice and strong. better than depends. there are two on each side.

+They fit really tight, better than any ive tried before; they arent as high waisted as depends-- they look the cutest of any adult diaper ive tried

+The padding in the back goes all the way up

+ They have a wetness indicator that goes from yellow to blue.

+ Feel really nice when wet - probably because they get saturated easily

- the elastic at the top is a joke

- not all that thick but you cant expect much from a drugstore diaper

- the plastic isnt as soft as the depends plastic, it might make it noisier, im not sure.
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^^" [25 Apr 2006|09:54am]
i feel silly ignoring this fetish for so long then the urge comes back and i go crazy updating this thing.

i took of the outer diaper and decided not to use it yet. Ive been wearing this one depend all night and morning and just wet it some more. I got it on so nice and tight so its not leaking even though its filled with so much pee. The bottom is all saturated with yellow and it feels magnificient. Havent had this good of a wetting in a long time.

I think the key is really to keep it from leaking so you can go peepee until the diapers absorbency is completely exhausted.
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back again [24 Apr 2006|11:30pm]
broke down and im doubled in my last two diapers ;_;

If youre in to wet pants and desperation, this is a cool free site with videos and pics.  Its all girls unfortunately for me, but its still cool to watch.  The text is almost all in french, but most of the videos with audio are in english.  i ran across a few in japanese and thats it.

let a little pee out into my diaps so far. After im finished its gonna be a nice night in my wet diaper ^_^

thats about all for now~

Edit: Soaked and heading off to bed.   mmMMmm...
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[09 Feb 2006|06:00pm]
wore a depends all day today. They get a bit uncomfortable to wear out for a long time, especially if you dont need them noticed. i think i'll buy some more goodnites for that.
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[01 Jan 2006|05:39pm]
wow. ok. the seats in my car dont position my pelvis right for wetting or something. pissed through a goodnite on the way home from a little shindig. i guess i did soak it pretty well. at least i did after i got home and said what the hell since i knew it was all over the front and back of my pants anyway. When i took it off it was so thick and loaded with my pee pee all the way up the front and back. I didnt even know they got that thick. really nice.

I think i'll put a few of my new diapers on now for the rest of the night. Havent used the toilet all day ^__^
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[27 Dec 2005|10:54pm]
hi all, been out of town for a week. stressfull last minute visit with screwed up family and whatnot. got money and a new guitar though, so thats lovely. im just so glad to be home. i hope everyone else had a lovely christmas or whatever they celebrate or dont celebrate. not too active in the DL world lately at all... but i do enjoy hearing from you guys. just letting you all know whats up.

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[04 Dec 2005|05:39pm]
i love good nites so much. they are wonderfully comfortable and i want to wear them pretty much all the time.

ive been thinking of maybe driving to a nearby town where no one knows me to spend some time walking around wetting my pants or wearing a really visible bulky diaper. sounds fun. anyone have any good stories on that?
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[01 Dec 2005|11:24pm]
hey hey,

havent been too active, but i did wear a goodnite to bed a few times and i think i will again tonight. i love them, theyre soooo comfortable. been reading everyones journals and enjoying those. im kind of really stressed with school and being in a play but its fun and the semester will be over soon, so thats good.

anyway. just checking in to say hi and hope everyone had a good thanksgiving.

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[17 Nov 2005|08:27am]
so i stopped wearing diapers for like the 5 and a half hours i was with my boyfriend. other than that i was wearing morning til right now.i wanted soooo bad to just put on a single goodnite and wear it over. i got super attatched to my diapers yesterday i guess. we actually had a bit of a conversation on fetishes... mostly about how pain wouldnt really be a turn on at all, but how bdsm is really popular and not considered deviant much anymore.
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the next morning [15 Nov 2005|06:55am]
got very little sleep, woke up and wet myself a bunch of times. This morning when i got up i realized some had squished out the top, wetting the bed and my t-shirt. while im not thrilled about cleaning up the mess, the shamefull puddle of pee makes me feel good and naughty. >:D

i think i might buy some good nites today or tomorrow, i think theyre having a good sale at a local store...

Question for you guys:

How long do you like to wear a diaper for and how many times do you normally wet in one diaper?

this one is exhuasted i guess because i couldnt stop wetting it all night long.
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[15 Nov 2005|12:52am]
[ mood | horny ]

mmm. i just wet my diaper for the first time tonight. it was great because i tried to stop part way through and couldnt. i love that loss of control. im going update crazy right now because its been so long since ive been active here (and active in wearing diapers in general) and i love writing about how much wetting turns me on. I'll probably be diapered-out in a week or two, but until then let me know what kind of posts you like. i might try writing some fiction if i have the time/desire. if not that i will probably at least write up some fantasies in a bit of detail or something. if anyone wants to chat, let me know, just dont come on too strong, im easily scared and only looking for friends :)

Disciplined Baby - Naughty, naughty. You may be
toilet trained but still behave like a little
baby. Diapers are used to remind you that your
not as big as you think.

What Sort of Diaper Story Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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pictures [12 Nov 2005|07:19am]
im going to be posting some diapered pictures in just a sec in a friends only post so make sure youre logged on and added to my friends list so you can see them ^_^
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[17 Aug 2004|11:19pm]
well, its been forever since ive updated and forever since ive put on a diaper. But tonight im doing both. Ive added everyone thats added me. I really dont know who ive added, that could prove to pose a problem to the security of my identity, but screw it for now, and hello everyone :) this is mostly just to say that i havent fallen off the face of the earth completely.

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