skipping_stars (skipping_stars) wrote,

diapered again

so im double diapered in some new store brands. Theyre the kroger ones from ralphs. not bad:

+The tapes are really nice and strong. better than depends. there are two on each side.

+They fit really tight, better than any ive tried before; they arent as high waisted as depends-- they look the cutest of any adult diaper ive tried

+The padding in the back goes all the way up

+ They have a wetness indicator that goes from yellow to blue.

+ Feel really nice when wet - probably because they get saturated easily

- the elastic at the top is a joke

- not all that thick but you cant expect much from a drugstore diaper

- the plastic isnt as soft as the depends plastic, it might make it noisier, im not sure.
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