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24/7 journal

i dont know if anyone reads this anymore since ive migrated to diaperspac, but i'd rather write this account here, so feel free to read comment or whatever. just documenting it cause i feel like it.
the evening of the 12th I entered a challenge with a net friend to see who could last the longest wearing diapers 24/7. (only for going pee pee in)

So going on four days, here we go:

I am still loving it a lot more than i thought. I havent been diapered this long straight, probably ever. Ive definitely come close but had given myself little breaks in the past. The worst part about it I would have to say is that i am living in an area now that is much hotter than my usual mild climate. but its cooling down for fall now which is very nice. but yeah, sweaty diapers = no fun.
Having to wear diapers (at least thus far) has been a lot of fun psycologically. i have been in a little mind set more, been in a kinky mindset more. Rather than getting tired of them as I have done in the past, I am enjoying my diapers the more I wear them.

After I worked on it several years ago I had the ability to let go really easily and wet my diaper. Ive noticed that over the past 6 months or something that Ive lost that reflex that I had for years. (and at some points even having a weak bladder when i wasnt wearing diapers) So ive had to do a bit of un-training to make it comfortable to wear diapers 24/7 and avoid having leaks due to major floods.
Last night I even listened to a hypnosis track, which i think is kind of silly from some angle, but i think theyre really fun too, i think if i listened enough they would help but over all they just help me relax and get sleep as well.
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